For Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Academic (1.4 through v3.4 hotfix 3) 
 Please see system requirements below for important compatibility info before purchase!

TacPack for Prepar3D Academic is a true single and multi-player tactical combat engine for Prepar3D Academic. This product is intended for non-commercial, domestic use (please see EULA*). If you are a commercial, institutional, or government entity seeking to use the TacPack and/or Superbug for commerce, training, or other public venues, please contact us for more information on how to obtain a commercial-use license.

In 2010, Vertical Reality Simulation's F/A-18E Superbug brought the first true fly-by wire combat aircraft to Flight Simulator X, along with a massive list of never-before seen innovations including true avionic and animated weapons modeling with sophisticated and highly integrated fire control and radar suites. The only problem was that weapons couldn't actually destroy anything in the world. We could simulate their destruction by having avionics such as radar ignore them when the hit occurred, but they would always keep flying. TacPack will change everything you thought you knew about what was possible in Prepar3D.

Lethal Weapon Systems: With TacPack, weapons no longer need to be benign figments of your imagination; P3D Academic becomes a live battle space with realistically modeled weapons, countermeasures, and early warning systems. Your aircraft can destroy (or cripple) your adversaries, and you yourself can become the prey, taking partial or critical damage. Note that only multi-player users who own the TacPack (and have it enabled) will be vulnerable to its systems.

Weapons ranging from AAMs to Zuni rockets are all modeled with realistic weights, physics, performance, effects, and lethality envelopes rivaling stand-alone simulators. Not only will you be able to take out AI aircraft and ground targets in single-player, you'll be able to dogfight multi-player opponents, take out air defenses like SAM and AAA, or bomb a hostile airfields or carriers - all in free-flight.

Low-level Integration: Seamless integration is what the TacPack is all about; Weapons will appear on the various aircraft stations just as they do in the classic Superbug, or other "normal" models, but as soon as the trigger is pulled, the TacPack magic takes over, seamlessly unleashing a deadly accurate simulation for the weapon itself. The TacPack's infrastructure is comprised of a dynamic weapon simulation, multi-mode radar, ECM/ECCM, and radar warning receiver backend functions. All the avionics including stores management are tailored to the specific weapon being used. It's as if the TacPack was there all along waiting to be unleashed. Any aircraft, such as the new Aerosoft F-14 Tomcat (right), can be integrated at a low level via the TacPack SDK.

Software Development Kit (SDK): The TacPack SDK is available to all TacPack owners, and facilitates royalty-free, license free third-party TacPack integration into aircraft or other SimObjects such as ships and vehicles. Third party support for the SDK includes developers such as Aerosoft, Dino Cattaneo, Iris Simulations, Metal2Mesh, Milviz, and other well-known developers who are currently participating in SDK integration, but have not yet gone public (as of the time of this writing). With other TacPack-Powered aircraft becoming available, it's finally possible to obtain diverse, cheat-free, air-to-air combat with aircraft other than (or including) the Superbug.

ACMI Playback: When the dust settles you'll be able to call for a tanker, fuel up behind an intelligent AI refueler flying dynamic racetrack patterns, then return to base to review the action (and lick your wounds) via TacView - an amazing ACMI playback system previously reserved for stand-alone simulations. The TacPack can export the entire flight with dozens of parameters including missile launches and bombing runs. Visualize radar locks and missile behavior to efficiently analyze both BVR flights and dogfights. From aspect angle, to G forces, display and compare any telemetry parameter in tables, on aircraft, and labels in the 3D view. Analyze the flight envelope and performances like corner speed by drawing detailed charts in just one click! You can even export telemetry data for deeper analysis in your favorite spreadsheet.

*Please note that the TacPack EULA and the Lockheed Martin EULA are separate entities and not related in any way.
Please consult the P3D EULA in order to establish your compliance under their terms.

This webpage simply isn't large enough to list all the TacPack features, so please feel free to examine the full online documentation

Lethal Weapon Systems:

The TacPack features many tactical enhancements for P3D, but of course the most dramatic ability of the system is the addition of accurately modeled and 100% lethal weapon systems for any aircraft which utilizes the system at the developer level.

  • Lethal to all Simobjects:
    • AI aircraft
    • Multiplayer aircraft
    • Ships (including carriers)
    • FS recorder entities (as of
    • Ground vehicles
    • Simobject-based structures
  • Weapon systems include:
    • Various cannons and guns
    • AIM-9X Sidewinder
    • AIM-9M Sidewinder
    • AIM-7M Sparrow
    • AIM-120C AMRAAM
    • AGM-65E Laser Maverick
    • AGM-84D Harpoon
    • AGM-84H SLAM-ER
    • AGM-154A JSOW
    • AGM-88C HARM
    • GBU-10 Paveway II
    • GBU-12 LGB
    • GBU-31 JDAM
    • MK-82LD
    • MK-82SE (snakeye)
    • MK-83
    • MK-84
    • Various A/G rockets
  • Realistic ranges and maneuvering kinematics
  • Thousands of combinations of ordinance can be loaded
  • Individual weight and drag indices
  • All systems work in free flight and multi-player

Hardcore Avionics:

  • Fullscreen night vision (experimental)
  • Padlock view
  • FLIR (ATFLIR) simulation (experimental)
    • FLIR video with white-hot and black-hot modes.
    • MP compatible Laser target designation (LTD).
    • MP compatible Laser spot tracking (LST).
  • AN/APG-73 Air-To-Ground radar simulation
  • Full terrain masking/occlusion
  • Multiple, highly realistic modes:
    • Real Beam Ground Map (MAP)
    • Synthetic Aperture (SAR)
    • Ground Moving Target Indication (GMT)
    • Sea Surface Search (SEA)
    • Fixed Target Track (FTT)
    • Ground Moving Target Track (GMTT)
    • Air-To-Ground Ranging (AGR)


700+ Page Wiki (including Superbug). We chose to document the TacPack and Superbug with a massive Wiki, because the products are just too dynamic to contain in a conventional .PDF. The Wiki can be monitored for changes and provides a much more suitable medium for an evolving product.

ACMI Playback:

TacPack Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) recording provides a highly detailed log of everything that happens during a TacPack flight in any aircraft. Logs can be loaded into Vyrtuoz's TacView for full 3D playback and analysis.

  • Record and playback flights in any aircraft. Records all aircraft (AI and MP), vehicles, weapons, and even target designations and CCIP predictions.
  • Minimal FPS impact
  • Facilitates after-action debriefing/training

Multiplayer Capabilities:

  • FULL multiplayer functionality
  • Drop AI into sessions. Assets such as SAMs, working carriers, tankers and more may be dropped by team members into the battlefield
  • Partial and critical damage modeling
  • IFF system for all AI and human players to facilitate division into teams
  • Anti-cheating measures. Multi-player is about balance. VRS is making every effort to ensure that the TacPack is fair and balanced, and we will continue to support anti-cheating by design and proactive, ongoing software updates
  • Proprietary TacPack server publishing. See and join hosted TacPack servers

In-Game Deployable AI:
Note: The VRS menu system uses standard sim assets. VRS does not supply AI objects except for SAM, tanker, and drone components.

  • Aerial Refueling Tankers through an intuitive in-flight menu system.
    • Any aircraft can act as a tanker
    • Multiple commanded orbit types
    • Dynamically adjustable altitude and speed
    • A/A TACAN capabilities
  • SAM installations can be placed, given a team, and become active threats visible on RWR and destructible
  • Target Drones can be placed and commanded into various patterns
  • Aircraft carriers (or any vessel in your sim inventory)
    • Any vessel can be selected and placed at user-defined distances and speeds
    • All vessels both moving and static can contain TACAN and ILS which are instantly available to all single and multi-player participants
    • Fully synchronized movement in MP sessions
    • Vessels can be armed with Sea Sparrow and CIWS point defenses
    • Vessels can be assigned teams

TacPack SDK:

  • TacPack SDK allows advanced integration with third-party aircraft
  • Available to all developers
  • Current third-party developers include:
    • Aerosoft
    • Iris Simulations
    • Metal2Mesh
    • Dino Cattaneo
  • License and royalty-free
  • All functions available through XML scripting or C++
  • Fully multiplayer compatible

TacPack P3D Academic Digital Download for Windows 7/8/10
please read system requirements below carefully before purchase!

Please read carefully BEFORE purchase! We cannot issue refunds based on failure to observe these important notes!

System RAM Please refer to Prepar3D system requirements
CPU Please refer to Prepar3D system requirements


  • P3D versions 2/3 require full DirectX 11 support with 2GB+ GDDR5
  • Minimum 1280x800 screen resolution for TacPack Manager
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Academic v1.4 through v3.4 hotfix 3 ONLY
  • Note that any builds of P3D greater than those listed above will NOT work unless/until VRS releases a compatible patch
  • P3D Professional and Pro Plus NOT supported (P3D Pro commercial-use inquiries welcomed, please contact sales)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64-bit) through Windows 10 (32/64-bit)
  • Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 Note that .NET is a "side-by-side" installation, which means .NET 3.5 must still be installed, even if a later version such as 4 or 4.5 is already present
  • TacPack will NOT work with multi-player "Missions." This is due to the lack of P3D slew mode support during online sessions
  • VATSIM/IVAO sessions (joined using FSInn or SquawkBox) are NOT supported
  • FSHost sessions (joined using FSHostClient) are NOT supported
  • Due to certain incompatibilities and limitations of multi-player sessions, not all animations and/or features may function identically to single-player modes
  • Internet required for automatic product activation. Manual activation may be performed from an online secondary device
  • Automatic activation requires firewall access to outgoing ports 80 and 443
  • Secure proxies must be disabled for automatic activation


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