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Coming Soon for Prepar3D® v4+

  Class-defining combat aircraft systems and flight modeling with next-level modeling detail & 4K PBR materials

  TacPack-Powered features include weapons, AA/AG radar, IFF, FLIR and more

  2-seat variant of the Super Hornet with selectable rear-seat configurations for trainer and RIO stations

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The VRS F/A-18F "Rhino" is the culmination of many years of research, modeling, texturing and state of the art developmental techniques. This is a 2-seat variant of the Super Hornet with selectable rear-seat configurations for trainer and RIO stations. Rhino is destined to be our finest work yet and will feature meticulously crafted PBR materials throughout.

The Rhino will be released first for P3D v4+. Because FS2020 has licensing limitations with regard to weapon systems (and military aircraft in general), it is not known when, if at all the Rhino will be available for that platform. FSX will likely not be supported by Rhino.

Preorders for P3D v4+ are available for those who wish to support our development efforts (and save a few bucks). Delays are inevitable, and COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our work efforts for various reasons, so please be patient.

Note that this project has been in development for a LONG time and will continue to be in development for some time. We cannot even give an estimate at this point because there is still much to do. If you're not prepared for that, or are tired of waiting, we are happy to refund you. About the only thing I CAN guarantee is the the retail price at release is liable to be close to 3x the preorder price due to diminished P3D sales in the wake of FS2020


Screenshots represent developmental versions of the F/A-18F Rhino. Release features and/or visuals may vary and are subject to change without notice. Please check back for additional media as development continues.

The F/A-18F Rhino has dozens of unique features, many of which have never been available in any FSX/P3D aircraft, and remain exclusive to this day. Some features require TacPack, while many are standard. Wherever possible, TacPack-specific features are called out separately, but in general these range from live weapons to air-to-ground radar and FLIR video.

  • Study-level simulation designed based on U.S. Navy NATOPS flight manuals
  • Unmatched accuracy and depth of simulation
  • The only true fly-by-wire control augmentation system (CAS) available for Prepar3D:
    • A single, dynamic (changes in real-time based on current loadout) base flight model
    • Every weapon and store individually modeled with weight, asymmetry and drag characteristics
  • Dozens of custom keystroke commands which may all be mapped to gaming devices for HOTAS setups
  • Fully functional Helmet-Mounted Display (HMD)
  • Fully collimated (TrackIR savvy) vector HUD
  • HUD and full screen NVG modes for night vision in any conditions
  • Custom landing lights which illuminate not only the ground, but objects and auto-gen
  • Dynamic g-induced and Mach vapor effects
  • Over 70 22K 16-bit discrete cockpit sound samples
  • 7 cockpit-selectable strobe patterns modeled on the exact same frequencies used in the real aircraft
  • 3D landing lights licensed from A2A
  • Model-based exterior lighting with Fresnel flaring
  • Complete set of undockable 2D panels with panel navigator utility
  • State of the art virtual cockpit (VC):
    • High resolution textures with incredibly sharp panel text
    • Unshaded (emissive) avionics and HUD
    • HUD collimation for TrackIR
    • Transilluminated panel text with separate main and console circuitry
    • Flood lighting
    • NVG lighting
  • Adjustable levels of detail (via ACM)
  • AN/APG-73 A/A Radar simulation
    • True B-sweep design with adjustable scan volumes and Doppler simulation
    • Multi-sensor integration (cheat) mode
    • Velocity Search (VS)
    • Range While Search (RWS)
    • Track While Scan (TWS)
    • Boresight (ACM)
    • Vertical Acquisition (VACQ)
    • Wide Acquisition (WACQ)
    • Auto Acquisition (AACQ)
    • Fast Acquisition (FACQ)
    • RAID
  • AN/APG-73 A/G Radar simulation (requires TacPack)
    • Polar design with a completely custom back-end that simulates Doppler-bean sharped modes and terrain masking
    • Ground Moving Target (GMT)
    • Sea Surface Search (SEA)
    • Doppler Beam Sharpened (expanded) modes
    • MAP mode
  • Thousands of combinations of useable weapons systems and other droppable ordinance. Stores include (but are not limited to):
  • In-game loadout manager
  • Aerial refueling using any AI aircraft. Receive or deliver (buddy tank) fuel (TacPack required)
  • Highly efficient and detailed external modeling recreating every nuance of the F/A-18E:
    • Boarding ladder
    • Port and starboard avionics bays
    • ECS auxiliary duct doors
    • Radar bay
    • Full pilot articulation with autonomous movement and gesturing
    • FCS-driven flight control surfaces
    • Speedbrake function involving multiple surfaces
    • Rudder toe-in and flare
    • Asymmetrical trailing and leading edge flaps
    • Wing fold
    • Tailhook
    • Launch bar
    • Holdback bar
    • Catapult shoe
  • 700+ pages of documentation including tutorials
  • True combat capability via TacPack:
    • Accurate AN/APG-73 A/A and A/G radar simulation with multi-mode capability and IFF
    • AI and multiplayer aircraft can be tracked and fired upon
    • Multiple bombing, AGM and AAM launch modes
    • FLIR IR and TV imagery
    • Laser Target Designation (LTD) (including buddy lasing)
    • Laser Spot Tracking (LST)
    • ALE-47 (chaff and flare) dispensing
  • 40 official liveries including all active F/A-18E USN squadrons
  • Comprehensive failure and battle damage system
  • Sharp vector graphics and advanced lighting techniques
  • NATOPS-accurate tactical avionic displays
  • Custom auto throttle:
    • Cruise ATC maintains airspeed at the time of engagement
    • Approach ATC continually adjusts speed to maintain approach AOA
  • Custom 12-mode autopilot which mimics the actual F/A-18E AFCS:
    • Barometric Altitude Hold (BALT)
    • Radar Altitude Hold (RALT)
    • Flight Path Angle Hold (FPAH)
    • Heading Hold (HHLD)
    • Heading Select (HSEL)
    • Ground Track Hold (GTRK)
    • Ground Track Select (GSEL)
    • Roll Hold (ROLL)
    • Coupled Waypoint (CPL WPT)
    • Coupled TACAN (CPL TCN)
    • Coupled Sequence (CPL SEQ)
  • Aircraft Configuration Manager (ACM) application:
    • Livery import/export and browsing functions
    • Custom weapons loading. Anything you want in any combination
    • Fuel Loading
    • Electrical, hydraulic and avionic failure arming
    • External model and VC preferences
    • Operational preferences
    • Reference Section
    • Automatic Updates
  • Comprehensive, custom primary systems modeling:
    • Hydraulics
    • Environmental Control (ECS)
    • Fuel
    • Electrical
  • Custom navigation system:
    • Ground-based and air-to-air TACAN navigation
    • Custom in-flight waypoint insertion/deletion
    • GPS transfer function
    • Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) with ellipsoid selection (read-only)
  • World-class tech support via official support forums
| System Requirements
Component Requirement Notes
O/S See Prepar3D requirements Windows 7+. 64-bit required for P3D v4 versions
RAM See Prepar3D requirements 4GB VAS recommended
CPU See Prepar3D requirements
GPU See Prepar3D requirements
P3D x64 P3D Academic
v4.1 to v4.5 (
Versions outside supported ranges will break compatibility
D/L TBD size varies based on partitioning
HDD TBD size varies based on partitioning
Prerequisites Prepar3D v4
TacPack for P3D v4
Direct-X 9.0c runtime
Microsoft .NET 4.6.1
Please see supported versions, above

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