Aerosoft Background layer

Aerosoft now has several TacPack-Powered add-ons, including the beautiful and powerful F-14X Extended Edition shown here.

I-Way Background layer

Milviz is a prolific developer of add-on aircraft for FSX/P3D with a wide-range of aircraft including the amazing TacPack-Powered UH-1 Huey Redux!

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Metal2Mesh produces fine add-on aircraft for FSX/P3D. One of their best examples is this amazing TacPack-Powered Mirage 2K.

Aerosoft GmbH

Discover the variety of our products in the new categories FSX/P3D, XPlane, Train, Bus/Truck, emergency services and other simulations. The Hardware area is the place for the right equipment, for a realistic driving and flight experience on your PC & Mac.

India Foxt Echo

Flight Simulation projects by Dino Cattaneo. Current home to the T-45C Goshawk, F-14D Tomcat, S-3B Viking and F-35 Lightning II projects for Flight Simulator X:Acceleration and Prepar3D v3.0. Also: opinions, reviews and findings about recreational flight simulation and flight games.

Iris Simulations

Based in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, IRIS Simulations has over a decade of experience producing study level simulations and distributes our product range to aircraft enthusiasts, aviation professionals and industry partners worldwide and specializes in producing high fidelity, military and civilian content for training, educational and simulation purposes.

I soliti 4 gatti

"I soliti 4 gatti" is the motto of the 278 squadron, a famous italian air force unit during WWII. It means litterally "always the same four cats" and its an italian idiomatic sentence saying that our air forces were too few and outnumbered, but always ready to fight with valour and talent. iS4g provides an extensive fleet of freeware TacPack-Powered add-ons!

Jetline Systems

Jetline was founded in late 2006 by a Veteran U.S. Air Force Flight Engineer. The vision behind Jetline Systems was to create a high performance PC company which would directly support the flight simulation pilot community. While there are many PC companies worldwide, few understand what hardware is really "best" when configuring a top of the line simulation rig.


Metal2Mesh is comprised of developers, artists, and management dedicated to creating beautiful aircraft for Microsoft's Flight Simulator X and DCS World. With painstakingly researched and detailed 3D models together with optimized code, we bring a new level of immersion and realism.

Military Visualizations

Milviz has been around, in one form or another, since 1990. Building on a long history of supplying high quality and accurate 3d models and animations for training environments, games, television and film, we also produce engaging simulations for Flight Simulator X and Prepar3d.

RAZBAM Simulations

Creating high-quality flight simulations since 2003 for Microsoft FSX, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D & Digital Combat Simulator.