The following entities either participate jointly with VRS in promotional endeavors, provide products or services which utilize VRS technologies, or are VRS commercial customers. If your professional organization requires true air combat-capability in Prepar3D with all the benefits it provides for real-world navigation and scenery, or a commercial developer looking to add TacPack capabilities to your own aircraft projects, please contact us via
Reward and motivate your people with a Top Gun Team Building event at A.C.E.S. Get everyone out of their "office roles" and bring them to a fun and totally unique environment.  Here they can share a similar experience that gets them out of the box and into the cockpit.  It's something they'll talk about for years.

A.C.E.S., located in the Mall of America, is a VRS commercial client flying VRS commercial F/A-18E & TacPack products for Prepar3D in their new, stunning SurroundView flight simulators.
Aerosoft GmbH(Ltd) was founded in 1991 at Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport. As early as 1992 the first additional software ( Add-on ) for the then Microsoft Simulator 4.0 was introduced.

Aerosoft is now developing products using VRS TacPack technology.

Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI) has the primary responsibility for defense-related research in Norway. FFI is the chief adviser on defense-related science and technology to the Ministry of Defense and the Norwegian Armed Forces. The Establishment focuses particularly on developments in science and military technology, which have an impact on political security and defense planning.

FFI is a VRS commercial client deploying VRS F/A-18E & TacPack products for Prepar3D.

Flight Simulation projects by Dino Cattaneo: T-45C Goshawk, F-14D Tomcat and F-35 Lightning II projects for Flight Simulator X:Acceleration. Also: opinions, reviews and findings about recreational flight simulation and flight games.

Dino Cattaneo is now developing products using VRS TacPack technology.

Formed in 2005, IRIS Flight Simulation Software is a leading development group specializing in producing content for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D and DCS: World.

Iris is now developing products using VRS TacPack technology.

i-Way, a world leader in theme-based entertainment venues, will begin using the VRS Superbug & TacPack for Prepar3D as part of their newly constructed, full-scale cockpit simulation center. i-Way will offer thrilling F/A-18E dogfighting sessions, complete with pre-flight training beginning in early 2015
i-Way, located in Lyon, France, utilizes VRS commercial F/A-18E & TacPack products for their highly realistic full-cockpit flight simulation center.
Jetline Systems was founded in late 2006 by a Veteran U.S. Air Force Flight Engineer. The vision behind Jetline Systems was to create a high performance PC company which would directly support the flight simulation pilot community. While there are many PC companies worldwide, few understand what hardware is really "best" when configuring a top of the line simulation rig.

Jetline builds and tests dedicated simulation hardware for VRS commercial clients.

Metal2Mesh a new Company comprised of Developers, Artists, and Managers, dedicated in creating beautiful aircraft for Microsoft's Flight Simulator X and DCS World. We will do long hours of research to painstakingly recreating an accurate and detailed 3D model. Then optimize the code that will bring you to a new immersion for which you will come to expect from us. 

M2M is now developing products using VRS TacPack technology.

Milviz has been around, in one form or another, since 1990. We're a supplier for games, TV, film and also, now, products for FSX. Our motto is, and always has been, quality or why bother. We pride ourselves on the accuracy and detail of what we do, not just in modeling and painting but also in code and in flight dynamics.

Milviz is now developing products using VRS TacPack technology.

Razbam Sims is an FSX/P3D aircraft developer workshop. For 9 years Razbam has been developing military aircraft models to be flown with Microsoft Flight Simulator starting from FS8, CFS2, FS9, FSX and now Prepar3D and DCS! we have also developed for the Strike Fighter series from Third Wire.

Razbam is now developing products using VRS TacPack technology.

Since 2007 REX Game Studios has been an award-winning developer, publisher, and technology provider. Paving the way with innovation and skill, we pride ourselves as an industry leader in environment simulation software with international connections to consumers, businesses, commercial enterprises and institutions globally.

REX Game Studios is a VRS cross-promotional partner.

SimJET aims to provide high value training and simulator solutions by leveraging experience and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software and hardware simulator architecture. The functionality of training is enhanced by using some of the best available visual display system technologies and associated software.

SimJet is a VRS commercial client currently developing full-scale simulation products utilizing commercial VRS F/A-18E & TacPack products for Prepar3D.

Simloc Research offers for the first time in Spain, a wide range of flight simulation solutions. Their high quality development capacity (R&D) provides military and civilian products with and unmatched quality/price ratio to national and international markets for both professional and amateur pilots.

SimLoc is a VRS commercial client currently developing full-scale simulation products utilizing commercial VRS F/A-18E & TacPack products for Prepar3D.

Sim Skunk Works produces high fidelity FSX/P3D military aircraft models. The SSW team is comprised of aircraft engineers, programmers, CAD specialists, experts in computer graphics, former real fighter pilots and civilian aircraft pilots who have pooled their expertise to produce the highest fidelity flight simulation software.

Sim Skunkworks is now developing products using VRS TacPack technology.

SUN & FUN, open year-round, is home to the Florida Air Museum and Florida's official aviation museum and education center. Through the museum, we host an expanding variety of educational programs and events, including aviation summer camps, Wings On Things, First Flights program, teacher workshops and more.

Beginning in 2014, Sun N' Fun will be featuring  full-scale F/A-18E simulator experiences utilizing VRS commercial Superbug & TacPack products for Prepar3D.

Vertigo Studios is a high-quality FSX/P3D add-on developer specializing in vintage WWII and WWI era warbirds. Vertigo has recently begun adapting some of their amazing aircraft with TacPack systems, including Vickers and Lewis machine guns. We look forward to seeing more aircraft in Vertigo's Great War Project collection!

Vertigo Studios is now developing products using VRS TacPack technology.

Viperwing constructs and distributes high-quality affordable full cockpits for commercial and consumer use.

Viperrwing is a VRS commercial distributor currently developing full-scale simulation products utilizing commercial VRS F/A-18E & TacPack products for Prepar3D.

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